Don’cha wish you were friends with Hellogoodbye?

Friday night I went to see Hellogoodbye at The Wiltern. And only Hellogoodbye, because I lag.

But oh, the lengths I would travel to hear these Huntington Beach boys make music. You can’t NOT have fun at an HGB show, and this time was no exception. Right before they came on I positioned myself in the “photo pit” where the guy with the big, professional camera scoffed at my little digi-cam. Whateverz.

Red solo cups and empty water bottles were strewn across the cheap IKEA couch (yeah, I know because all my friends have that one). It totally looked like remnants of a good house party– but the party had just begun. No, literally. The band invited like 20 of their friends to “party” on stage while they played. How awesome is that? Video: “Where my party girls at?”

What’d they play? All Time Lows, Stuck To You, Oh It Is Love, Shimmy Shimmy Quarter Turn, CallnReturn (I think, unless I made that one up in my head), Stuck To You, Dear Jamie (Oh man, did everyone go crazy) and of course Here In Your Arms. Yeah, there were totally more songs than that but I’ve seen them so many times that if there’s a song I wanted them to play and they don’t play it, my brain seems to sub-in memories from past shows to keep me happy.

Oh, and they ended it by covering Beastie Boys “Fight For Your Right To Party.” Epic.

The merch line was swamped so I didn’t get my hands on any new HGB goods (and there is always something to buy, their merch is so darn cute) because we had to high tail it out to make it to pinkberry before it closed.

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