Don Imus Fired From CBS television show

Ok, I don’t know which is more hypocritical: the whole situation and controversy, or the media. Don Imus, radio personality, called the Rutgers Women college basketball team “nappy-headed hos” on air last week. First the racial remark resulted in sponsors taking their advertisments off the show and stopped sponsoring Imus’ show. Then it goes as far as FIRING Imus AND it gets overly publicized on the Oprah Winfrey Show. WTF? This is so stupid! Why is that when a white man gives his opinion, and yes, says a racial comment towards a team of black women, everyone goes insane? Everyone says crap about Latinos coming into this country, does anyone get fired for calling them derrogitory names? No. Of course not. No offence but, the world doesn’t revolve around one group of people. Rappers say very vulgar and degrading things toward women and they play their videos on BET and MTV, does anyone complain or file a lawsuit? NO! What has happened to the freedom of speechin this country? So it wasn’t right to say such a thing, but why is everyone overreacting? That’s why I like satellite radio. They are raw, blunt, and can be as opinionated as they want. And thenit goes to Oprah?! What has this world dissolved into?!? This infuriates me. A whole lot. There are many radio personalities out there that are saying loads of crap, but do they get fired? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! of course not.


What do you think? Has this been overpublicized, or has it gotten the right amount of attention?