Thursday Buzz 3/29

ANTM photoshoot #5! Renee, Natasha & Jasleen were the best in my book. (ONTD)

Goonies The Musical?! WTF?! (Mollygood)

Knut made the cover of Vanity Fair. Awww. (Gridskipper)

Paris Hilton Pre-surgeries. I think she looked fine! Not fine as is “hot” but fine as in “if its not broke why fix it?” (The Dirty Disher)

Twins must get… twin nose jobs? Well, the Olsens sure can afford it. (Intogossip) Baby Boraton the way. (POTP)Well, when your last name is “Versaceyour chances of developing an eating disorder have to be doubled, right? (Gabsmash)

Oh Diddy, that’s TMI. (BWE)