Random much? =D

ME AND KARISSA (I know I look fugly in my pic..btw im the one with the pirate hat)

I know this is really random lol but I felt like telling everyone.One of my bestfriends Karissa might come to visit me in California for a week.Her spring break is coming up right about when mine starts so she wanted to come and hang with me.I haven’t seen her in a year and 3 months.I thought we would lose contact after she moved to Las Vegas but it only made us closer lol.Im so excited.We were on the phone earlier talking about all the stupid stuff we’re going to do when she comes.She told me shes going a concert in Las Vegas on March 31 and some bands that I love are going to be there like: Escape the Fate, Bullet for my Valentine, Haste the Day..etc.She told me she was going to steal some band shirts for me haha.I was like “If they catch you..run like hell.” I love her.Shes so funny.I wouldn’t be able to survive 6th and 7th grade without her. Once again sorry for posting such a retarted journal but I felt like telling everyone.

P.S. We’re still working on Blood Painted Roses Part 11…I didn’t have time to work on it this weekend cause my mom had a dinner party for her b-day and I had to go shopping lol.I swear Netta and I are going to work on it tomorrow and we’ll try to finish it.If you like our fanfic…Please do us a big favor and tell your friends about it.The more readers we have, the more merrier it will be. Thanks again for reading this and our fanfic.

-Gracie one of the Panic! Rebels