Punk’d is over.

After 8 seasons, Ashton Kutcher is putting Punk’d to rest. The finale will air on April 10th, featuring Hilary Swank, Jewel, Magic Johnson & Nelly Furtado.

Or is he just punking his audience? KPTV reports that “In December 2003, Kutcher said he was the pulling the plug on the show. Speculation arose that the announcement was a trick aimed at duping new celebrity prank victims into complacency. “Punk’d” returned in April 2004.”

Oh, and Ashton is gonna host a special “Punk’d Awards” on June 5th. I’m down to watch that. Punk’d honestly stresses me out, but man, there have been some good ones. Who would get your vote for funniest? Best sport? How about WORST attitude? Go forth and bring me links!