The Paris-ization of America

In honor of Women’s History Month, MSN posted “10 Women That Make Us Cringe” which included Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, The Bratz Dolls, and Paris Hilton.

But this Feminist Blog defends them: “These two women are not living in a vacuum. Both have made a ton of money on their party-girl personas. Is there really any incentive for women like Hilton and Spears and Lohan to be better role models? Until we make it worth women’s while to be publicly perceived as smart, interesting, opinionated and feminist, a whole lot of women and girls are going to choose the path that brings the most immediate benefits — being sexy, beautiful, sexually controversial, girlish.”Honestly, this author has a point.

Do you feel more pressure to be pretty, or to be smart? I mean, I’m envious of anyone with two (or hey, one) Masters Degree or any chick who can kick @ss on Jeopardy– but sadly, I feel the thin-ache way more often than the intelligence-ache. And this is just because we are constantly bombarded with thin– blogs, magazines, mannequins, TV.

And I think it would take a long time to change this.

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