Naked Pictures of Brendon!!!

…HA! Gotcha ya! You sickos!! Lol. You guys really think we’d post such vulgar and disgusting things?? Pfft, only on myspace, DUH! lol jaykay.

Ok, I’m Annette, and I’m one of the writers of Blood Painted Roses and this is just a little tip to all our readers:

Trendysecret posted a journal very similar to this, and the only reason we’re doing this is because we have friends that read our fanfic and never comment. We know who reads, comments, and buzzes, and then we know who just reads but doesn’t comment. We’d appreciate the comments and buzzes so keep it up =D

It only takes a few seconds to type up a simple comment, is it that hard?? No. So do us a favor and comment, or we’ll delete you as friends. Pretty mean, huh? Not at all. It’s just we made this account to write and post fanfics and to receive feedback on them. Don’t get us wrong, we love all our friends on buzznet and we don’t take them for granted or just ignore them. We care about our bnet buddies, not only our fanfic. Please encourage your friends to read and comment as well. Don’t say you love our fanfic and want us to write more, but then at the same time you don’t comment. Thanks lot =)

***Thanks Neesha (neeshaxcrazy), Candice (chickens4life), Rachel (panicrocs), and Taylor (fansatthedisco), Kayla (mymcrmy), Jamie (candianchica), and you know who you are. lol. Srry if we forgot the rest of you, we still love you =)

-Annette one of the panicrebels