Britney wants your love. Yes, yours. is soliciting support and inspiration from fans. Obvi, only the most saccharine are being displayed. If you have something Hallmark-ish to say, go sumbit (and tell us if yours makes it!)

For those of you that thinks she needs to lock it up and really make an effort to get better STAT, post your “inspirational” message in the comments.

Don’t get me wrong, I love The Brit. Iwant her to get better and dance with snakes around her neck and go to Starbucks and cuddle her little boys. And I know that sh*t doesn’t happen overnight. But there are, as many of you have said, ways to stay out of the spotlight. There are ways to get your rest.

Here is a message from my friend Little, to get you started:

Dear Britney, What is your problem? Nobody buys your bullsh*t anymore. I get that it’s not totally your fault that you were a super sex symbol by the time you were 17, that your parents had to let that happen, but still… pull it to-f*cking-gether. They didn’t MAKE you lose Justin or marry Kevin Federline. You did alllllll that to yourself. They certainly didn’t make you start using narcotics. See where I’m going with this? What are you, my sister? You can only blame everyone else for so long. You need to start looking at YOU. You’re a Mom now. So anything you do above and beyond Mom behavior that even looks shady is so selfish. That’s all you are. Selfish. I get that you’re famous and stalked by photographers everywhere you go. But, if you don’t want BAD attention, then don’t go to the most popular clubs in Los Angeles and New York and dress and act like a skank. Simple as that. OH, and you could also draw attention to yourself by going ape shit and shaving your head while checking into then ditching rehab. May want to keep those episodes to a minimum. This whole rant is so old an not so relevant anymore, but I still feel good after getting it out. Everyone wants to see you pull it together and not drop your kids on their heads and not look like you are wearing make up from the night before every single day. People still want you to not be psycho maniac Britney. They do! So, just keep your a$$ out there in Promises, I hear it’s very beautiful and sweat and puke it out. You’ll feel better when you can say that Kevin is not the better parent. I really hope that day comes for you. Seriously.

Love,Little.——————————-I have to think about mine. Whatchu got, Buzzneters?