Britney Spears is so Punk Rock

The Daily Texan has an, um, interesting article that suggests that Britney has gone from Pop-icon to Punk Rocker. And they’re totally serious.

It breifly explains a punk movement in Paris in the 1960’s, then shifts to the history of Ms. Spears. Let me break it down for you:

1. She scoffs at consumerism. As evident from her decision to sport trailer-park garb despite having a stylist and a fat bank account.

2. She shaved her head. Need I say more?

3. Rehab, suicide attempts, and that Antichrist bit. Says The Daily Texan: “Self-destruction has been a tenant, albeit a tragic one, of the punk lifestyle since its inception.”

And then they compare her to Kurt Cobain. Both “victim[s] of the fame and attention [their] art had afforded” them. No joke! Go read.

I almost buy it! I think it’s the head-shaving that did it though. ‘Cause remember when that suicidal chick in Empire Records shaved her head? That seemed so punk rock.