Blood Painted Roses: *Part 10*

Blood Painted Roses: *Part 10*

****I climb, I slip, I fallReaching for your handsBut I lay here all aloneSweating all your bloodIf I could find out howTo make you listen nowBecause I’m starving for you hereWith my undying love

“Breathe by Paramore (it’s been on repeat for 2 days straight xD)

Hayley’s POV

My heart: jumping fences. My stomach: currently doing cartwheels and backflips. Just waitng for a response on the other end made my legs shake furiously, leaving them with no feeling. Perspiration developed on the palms of my hands from the anxiety I was enduring at the moment.

“Come on….come on…pick up the phone…” It stopped ringing. A voice answered.

“KXRK 103.9 Alternative Rock- Chicago’s # 1 Modern Rock Station, keeping you updated with the latest in modern rock! How may I help you?”

“I’m calling for the Fall Out Boy tickets you’re giving out.” I said hurriedly. I just wanted to know whether I won or not.

“Oh yeah. You’re in luck kiddo. We’re gonna try to hook you up with some tickets. Stay on the line, so we can get your info-”I couldn’t hear anything after that. I took the phone off my ear and looked at the phone to see if the radio station was still on the line.

The radio personality from earlier came on the radio again.

“Ok, Joe has got our first caller. Are you still there?”

“Yeah I’m still here.” I screamed into the phone. But I couldn’t hear myself on the radio. Actually, I couldn’t hear the guy on the phone either. I hope he didn’t….

“I guess caller #27 didn’t want those tickets.” he said sarcastically. “Well I guess we’re going to the next caller.”

My chest was heaving and I felt anger building up inside of me. I could hear nothing but the almost silent sound of my molars grinding against each other, until….

“OH MY GOD!!! Am I on the air? Is this Tay from KXRK 103.9?!” a ditzy over-excited caller bursted.

“Why yes it is, haha, and you are? Tay said.

“This is Neesha! From Downtown Chicago…so did I win?!?!?!?

“Yeah you won 2 tickets to Club Emergency! Congrats! So who are you going to take?”

“My bestie Candice!!” AHHHHH!!! I still can’t believe I won!” She was really starting to get under my skin..

“That’s hardcore…just stay on the line so we can get your info.”


Adam’s POV

After hearing that girl on the radio win the tickets that Hayley so desperately wanted, her reaction was a mix of anger and sadness. It made me want to do something to make her feel better.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!” She screamed into the phone. If it were possible, steam would be trailing out of her ears.

“WHY?!?” She asked me as if I could answer her correctly and accurately.

“Well…there’s always next time…” I tried to calm her down.

“Next time? No. There isn’t a next time. This ticks me off so badly.” She looked so crushed. “You know what? I think it’s time for me to go.”

“Come on, let’s chill and play Air Hockey or something.” Air Hockey is my cure to boredom. It’s so fun.

“I’m not in the mood, Adam. I want to walk home. Bye.”

Hayley’s POV

To be honest, I wasn’t in the mood for anything. Fed up to the max. I wanted those tickets so bad. It wouldn’t have been so bad if they hadn’t hung up on me seconds before I could have been on air. I mean, how cruel is that? Really. Not only cruel, but how stupid of the person to just ‘all of a sudden’ hang up on me? I walked down the stairs, out the front door, and away from Adam’s house. I needed a long walk home.

I came home to an empty house. “Thank God.” I murmured to myself. I walked up the stairs slowly, watching my every step. I walked into my ‘santuary’ and changed into my pj pants and a long shirt. I felt fatigued. Getting pissed/sad all at the same time kinda takes a beating on you. I undid my bed and cuddled under the sheets in an effort to get some good ol’ rest. That’s what I needed.

Adam’s POV

I sat in front on the TV searching for a good midnight flick. Maybe a horror or mystery. But instead, to what I expected, Paid Programming bombarded my television channels. I can’t believe they put this crap on satellite TV. No one ever buys “Pilates’ DVD gifts for their friends, I mean what the hell? “Come to Curves, and we guarantee you’ll be in a comfortable environment and will lose weight instantly!” HOGWASH! It seems like everyone that goes to Curves comes out looking fatter and more plump than they originally did. I think it’s a secret organization of woman running a ‘gym’, but they really just want to put woman in a small building with women twice their size to make it seem like they’re losing weight ‘instantly’! It’s a f*cking conspiracy! Okay enough of what I think about wannabe weight loss.

TV just wasn’t doing anything to keep me interested. Having a big house and having wealthy parents that provide you with everything but the necessities isn’t what everyone thinks. I’m just a normal kid that is always bored. My type of fun in a big house is sliding down shiny Mahogany banisters and sending loud echoes around the center of the staircase. Acting like my age divided by two is what I do best. But today…I felt like being a couch potato with a bag of chips. I put the chips back in the pantry and walked upstairs to my room. I turned the switch on the radio. It was still on the same station Hayley left it on. I thought I’d listen for another chance.

“That was “Carpal Tunnel Of Love” By Fall Out Boy. If you haven’t heard yet, Fall Out Boy is going to be playing at Club Emergency here in Chicago. It’s 12:05 and we’re giving out the last tickets of the night. Call in right now and win two of the last tickets to their sold out show! You know the number, so call NOW!” This was my chance, my chance to win and make her feel better. I grabbed the phone on my desk that was charging in the cradle and dialed the number. It rang a few times then some dude from earlier answered.

“KXRK-” I cut him short to get to the point.

“Yeah..I know who this is. How can I get those Fall Out Boy tickets, man?” I don’t like beating around the bush. I like it simple and to the point.

“Ok…stay on the line..” He said a little taken back.

Hayley’s POV

“That was “Carpal Tunnel Of Love” By Fall Out Boy. If you haven’t heard yet, Fall Out Boy is going to be playing at Club Emergency here in Chicago. It’s 12:05 and we’re giving out the last tickets of the night. Call in right now and win two of the last tickets to their sold out show! You know the number, so call NOW!” This was my last chance to make it happen and get those darn tickets. I got the phone and dialed as if it the number was on speed dial.

*Busy tone*

“So…caller what’s your name?” a different voice came from the radio. I guess there’s a different guy at this hour of the night, or should I say the “morning.”

I hung up. I didn’t want to hear some more ditzy chitter-chatter, rubbing it all in my face that they got through the station and won tickets crap. That was at the bottom of my agenda.

I turned off the radio, too. Didn’t need more of that either.

Adam’s POV

“My name is Adam.”

“Adam you are caller #27!!!! You just won two tickets to see FOB live at Club Emergency the first week of February!!!!”

“Oh really…awesome.”

“Soo Adam, are you a big FOB fan?”

“Uh, not really, but hey free tickets is fine with me.”

“Who are you going to bring with you?”

“…someone special.”

“Oooh..stay on the line so we can get you those tickets pronto so you and this special someone can go see FOB. Congrats again.”

I can’t wait to see Hayley’s expression when I show her the tickets.

*****So this part was really fun to write. Gracie and I had to work up a lot of brain cells for this one, but in the end it turned out alright, right? Hope so. This part goes out to Neesha (neeshaxcrazy), Candice (chickens4life), and Taylor (fansatthedisco), as you may have noticed their names are used. The characters don’t match you guys realistically, and we don’t think of you like that so don’t kill us. lol. Comment, buzz, and you’ll prove to be awesome bnet buddies.