Barkers Back On, Minus Baby

Oh, your fav on-again-off-again couple are, well, on again. People reports that Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler HAVE indeed reunited.

Travis threw her a birthday party in Miami this past weekend, and they were seen being all ooey-gooey kissy-face on the beach.

Shanna also dispelled rumors that she’s pregnant. Which is a rumor I hadn’t heard anyway.

Her royal blondeness said: “While I hope one day to have more children with Travis, I am not pregnant, but yes, I’m madly in love with my husband.”

You know… I really liked Meet The Barkers, and I think they’re cute together, but I am the ONLY one that think maybe Shanna ain’t quite mama-material? I mean, there was one toddler on the show who I SWORE was the NANNY’S KID. There was no mother-child chemistry whatsoever. So, in conclusion, I’m happy they’re back together, and happy the babymaking is on hold.