Win a Date with Brody Jenner

Us Online is allowing you the chance to Win a Date with Brody Jenner. The contest doesn’t begin until March 2, but I wanted to give you time to brush up on your acting skillz, cause you have to send in a “video dating resume.”

Those of you who read my blog regularly know what I think of this “Prince of Malibu” but here is the 411 for you out-of-the-loop few:

-23 years old, metro, likes neck bling and surfing.-Is the Scope Mouthwash spokesperson (so hey, at least you’ll have a halitosis-free date!)-Has dated Nicole Richie, Kristin Cavalleri and Lauren Conrad (from Laguna Beach/The Hills)-Is not very witty or original, but he has prettier eyelashes than you.

I would advise you to watch The Hills before embracing this challenge. And bookmark Us Online, because every few days Brody will reveal valuable information like his favorite female body part, his turn ons, his ideal woman, his perfect date night and more.

I think I want to win just so I could be like “Where’s that rat of a best friend of yours? I have a drink that wants to meet his face.”