Pete confronts post-album leak grief.

Rolling Stone has posted the most hilarious article about “The 5 Stages of Post-Album Leak Greif” (regarding Infinity On High, duh)

1. DENIAL: Pete pretends he doesn’t care how the leak will effect chart position: “It’s gotten to the point where I’m like, who really cares about the first week (sales)? If people like the music then they like the music. That’s the best thing about it. There’s been a positive response.”

2. ANGER: Pete lashes out at the working man: “Our job is to put out records and tour and make music. What are we gonna do? Sit at the plant [he believes the leak began at the label’s manufacturing plant] and watch everybody? Some guy working minimum wage, why would he care how it affects us? It’s a multi-pronged thing.”

Go read the rest of the article to read about Bargaining (step 3), Depression (step 4), Self-aggrandizement (4.5) and “the last, elusive stage– Acceptance (5).