Lobster “Gems”

So yesterday was New Music Tuesday but there was like, nothing.

Except “Gems” a comp being released by Lobster Records. “Gems” is 14 tracks of previously unheard music by Lobster Records artists, new music by Lobster alumni, as well as music from new Lobster artists.

“Gems” Features:

Unheard songs by:Over It (Silverstrand Sessions)-Park (It Won’t Snow Sessions)-Staring Back (On Sessions)-Whippersnapper (covering the Who’s “My Generation”) -A Small Victory (The Pieces We Keep Sessions)-Days Like These (Inventure Sessions)-Mock Orange (nines and sixes Sessions)

New bands ft. members of Lobster alumni:-Sicker Than Others (Matt Evans and Nick Long of Staring Back) -Rouletta (Danny Song, Luke Bareis and Zack Bareis of A Small Victory)-The Awakend (Matt Evans and Victor Breen of Staring Back)-A Times Beach Crush Factor (Ladd Mitchell of Park)

New Lobster Artists: -First To Leave (Album out this Spring)-Anchors For Arms (Album out this Summer)-Rosematter (Album out this Summer)

Get it on iTunes or at Downloadpunk.com.