Jimmy Eat World: Sorry, sh*t takes forever.

Jimmy Eat World says:

We are still working on our next album. During the Christmas break we wrote some new tunes and got ideas for a bunch more. We are working on those and giving them the chance to develop. We are still very excited about what we have competed thus far and we hope to wrap it up as soon as possible. But this is the way rock is. Sorry. Shit takes forever. We don’t consider ourselves on island time by any stretch. We want to make sure every song feels like it is as complete as it needs to be. To put songs out there and call it an album is an important thing for us. We have yet to compromise a recording session for the sake of a final product. We aren’t about to start 12 years into the band. Thank you for your patience and we hope to get more up, more often.

Do you like it when bands spend their sweet time making an album? (A-hem, Brand New) Or would you accept lesser quality just to have it sooner? Personally, I am a huge Jimmy Eat World fan (I still listen to Futures all the time) and I like that they’re taking their time… it makes me even more excited for new songs.Source: punknews

Jimmy Eat World – Futures