By now you’ve all seen the pictures, but here are some little blurbs to convince you to GO GET THIS ISSUE: Pete on how he developed dependency/attachment issues: “When I was 14, I got sent to bootcamp,” he says, gazing at the ceiling. He had been skipping school regularly in his freshman year, and a guidance counsler persuaded his parents to send him to a tough-love, scared-straight sleep-away program. “It was terrible. Every kid there was so much more f*cked up than me– demented, satanic kids. I got beat up a couple of times. I felt isolated.”Andy on the collapse of civilization: “I think it needs to happen, but no one, not even me, really wants it to happen. Music would probably go. A lot of art would. I’m really into comics and movies and video games and I don’t want to give that stuff up. At the same time I think it’s filling the void for stuff that we’re missing.”

Joe on his fan base: “Middle aged women love me– they say I look like Dr. McSexy or whatever his name is.”

Patrick on ridic accusations: Stump is self-depricating to the point where you find yourself reassuring him of his charm. “I hear all sorts of things slung at us”, he says, “one of my favorites being the boy-band accusation. I’m like ‘boy-band? I’m fat! If I werea boy band, I’d look good, I’d dance and I’d be charming– so what the f*ck are you talking about?’ I write songs. Thats all I do.”

The March 8 issue of RS is on newstands riiiiight now.