My Chemical Romance Saves Lives

It is 13 days into February, but in case you haven’t picked up the most recent issue of Spin, there’s an intense article on cover guys MCR. They talk a lot about their fans and their reaction to kids who say MCR “saved their life.”“I’d meet these kids that are outsiders,” says frontman Gerard Way. “And I realized they’re looking to us for the answer. It started to scare me.” Any fear of that responsibility has since turned to an embrace.“Sometimes, honestly, I feel we’re moderating [a support group],” says Gerard. “We tap into dark stuff from the high school years, and it’s our responsibility to bring kids a positive, non-violent solution.”My Chemical Romance do not care about being called sellouts. They relish their spot next to Fergie on TRL. “If you can reach more people, you’d be stupid not to do it,” proclaims Bryar.