Blood Painted Roses ***Prologue

Blood Painted Roses: Prologue

***New fanfic, hope you all like it as much as we do. It may seem a little slow right now, but we promise it gets exciting later. We write for enjoyment, and telling us how much you like our writing will make us want to write more and is just an overall nice thing to do .”So do it (just do it, do it)” jk. Enjoy!

***I almost forgot: the main character in the story looks like Hayley Williams from Paramore. Just so ya know. Paramore ROCKS!!

Death, viloation, suffering, and violence. I’ve been through it all. It’s the worst feeling ever. It’s so bad I don’t wish it to my worst enemy.

There are days when I wish I had a time machine to turn back time to when my life was like no other. To the time where both of my parents were still alive.

My parents were the best, especially my dad. He treated me ike a princess. He always bought me everything I wanted and nothing I needed. I was daddy’s little girl. But one thing was for sure: I wasn’t spoiled.

At barely 3 years old, I thought my dad was invincible, he was my superman. dad wasn’t as invincible as thought, though. He was diagnosed with lung cancer four months before my 3rd birthday.

My dad spent most of his time in Chemotherapy, but it never helped. He ended up dying later that year. I never felt so heartbroken. 2 months after my dad’s death, my mom decided to leave our hometown of Franklin, Tennessee and move to Chicago, Illinois.

When we first arrived, we stayed in a Motel 6. We practically lived in that motel for about a month, until mom got a job in a diner called “Benjamin’s Burgers.” We later got a small studio apartmant.

Life wasn’t the same without dad around, but we got through it. Mom worked from 9am-6pm, Monday-Friday. She couldn’t leave me home alone at the age of three, so she put me in a daycare.

3 months after putting me in a daycare, mom got in the habit of picking me up late. She was always talking on the phone. Mom was also always happy and in a good mood.

On a sunny saturday morning, I was eating the usual, eating a bowl of Fruit Loops and watching power Rangers until there was a knock at the door. “Mommy!” I yelled as I took a bite of my cereal. Mom opened the door to a 5’9 dark eyed man.

“Hi John.” She said smiling at him.

“Hey there, I came to take you to the fair.” He said.

“Well actually… I don’t really think I can…my daughter.”

“Your daughter?” He asked curiously.

“Yes… my daughter hayley.”She said holding the door open for him to look.

“Oh… then I guess we have to get one more ticket.” He said laughing.

My mom was surprised that John would accept the fact that she had a daughter. John was great. When we got to the fair, he ended up getting me cotton candy and winning me a stuffed animal.

The last 4 months were great. John would always come with a movie. Mom thought he was amazing. That’s why they wed. I never saw my mom so happy. Soon I turned from Hayley Dalton to Hayley Stevens.

We later moved in with John in his big two story house. I got my own room, which was so cool. Time was passing by so fast. My life was just about perfect, but somehow I knew that it wasn’t going to last.

“Honey, are you ready?” John said looking at his watch. It was my ballet recital.

“We can’t leave yet, mom’s still not here.” I said putting on my ballet shoes.

“She said she’ll meet us there.” He said kissing my forehead. I was so happy my mom and dad were going to see me dance, but mom still wasn’t there. 20 minutes into the rehearsal, two policeman came in. They were talking to John, then I saw John put his hands over his eyes and cry. I knew something wasn’t right, so I went up to John and the two policeman.

“Daddy, why are you crying?” I asked tugging on his shirt.

“Honey your mom was in a car accident…. there was a drunk driver…. he threw her into a telephone pole….it instantly killed her. I’m so sorry sweetie,” he said bending down to my height trying to explain this tragedy.

Tell me isn’t happening, not again! Is my mom really dead? I instantly fell to my stepdad’s feet and cried until I coudn’t anymore.

A month later after my mother’s death, things changed…. but for the worst. It all changed when I went downstairs to ask John to help me with some homework.

“Daddy, can you help me?” I asked holding my Beauty and the Beast pencil and Barbie notebook in hand.

John was on the couch with the remote control in one hand and a beer bottle in the other.

“Not right now, hun.” He said taking a sip of his Corona beer.

“But dad, I need-” I said giving it another try.

“Hayley, not now… please,” he said spilling his beer all over the coffee table.

“Daddy please!” I said practically yelling.

“Hayley, I said not right now!!” He said slapping me across the face.

I couldn’t believe it, the man I thought loved me as a daughter just hurt me. I knew from that moment on things were about to get worse.

***So that’s the prologue. The Panic! Rebels thought of this when they were deathly bored in class. Grace showed me her story, but she didn’t feel right about it or have much of a clue as to what to write. I, Annette, thought about for a few seconds and brought my idea to the table. I made the concept, she came up with ideas that sooned turned into what you just read. Masterminds? Yeah, I think so. Leave comments-buzz-keep reading!

-panic! rebels