Blood Painted Roses *Part 8*

*Hayley’s P.O.V*I decided to take a bus to Adam’s house. I didn’t have a clear clue as to where it was located, but the bus driver knew. After many stops, I was there.“Thanks.” I said to the bus driver“No problem. I’m glad I was able to assist you.”I smiled at his kindness. I watched the bus drive away, and get smaller as it got further down the street. I walked around the corner to get to Adam’s house but what I got wasn’t just your ordinary house, it was a two story mansion. Well to me at least. I saw Adam’s audi in the drive way so I knew he was already home from football practice.For some strange reason I started getting nervous.Why? I don’t know. Once at the door, I took a deep breath and knocked about 3 times.“Si, como la puedo ayudar?” said a 5’1, grey-haired, mid fifties woman as she opened the door.I knew I should have taken Spanish my freshman year in high school. I couldn’t understand this lady.“Im here to see Adam.” I said nicely.“Oh Adam, si un momento,” she said.”Adam, alguien esta en la puerta para ti.”Thats when I saw him coming to the door.“Oh gracias Rosa.” said Adam. He sounded like a complete white boy.“Hi, I’m sorry is this a bad time?” I asked “What? No, thats just Rosa, our house keeper,” He explained. “Come on in.”“Thanks.”As I walked into the house, I couldn’t help but to observe every piece of it. The living room was just amazing. The walls were beige with some foreign unique writing. I could tell the theme was “A day in Rome.” It could have kept your eyes occupied for hours.“Umm lets go up to my room.” said Adam as he pointed to the staircase.We walked upstairs with no conversation until we got to his bedroom.“This is it.” said AdamI walk into a room with Chicago Bear posters on the the sky blue walls. On his floor was a football shaped rug. To my surprise Adam actually kept his room neat, most guys his age keep their room a disaster.“So..” Adam stated“So…lets get started.” I suggested.He walked to his desk where his laptop was located, which was in between his dresser and his Angelina Jolie poster.“Which dude are we doing this project on again?” he asked confused.“Edgar Allan Poe.” I responded.“Edgar Allan Poe?” he asked again with the same confused look on his face.”Who is that?”Oh my god! Is he for real? I can’t believe he doesn’t know who Edgar Allan Poe is. Not only was he an amazing poet but an amazing author.“You know what? Move.” I told Adam“What?” He asked“Move.” I said again.“Umm okay.” he said as he got up from his chair. *Adam’s P.O.V*“Move.” said Hayley.I was really surprised she said that. I mean a simple “excuse me” could have worked, but what all I got was a “move.”I got up from my chair, and saw her make her way to my laptop. She then went to all these websites, I kept seeing tabs open and close. I swear we worked on it for about an hour or two. It was almost 6. *Hayley’s P.O.V*I kept searching for information on Edgar but I really couldn’t find any other information that I haven’t already knew. Adam just kept throwing a football in the air, which got annoying after the first half hour.“Umm…I think what we have is enough…and its getting late.” I said as I got up.Just then someone knocked on the door.“Come in!” yelled Adam.A tall, slim, brunette came in.“Hi hun…Im sorry about yesterday..Your father and I did the best we can to go to your game but you know how this business is.” said Adam’s mom as she hugged him.“Don’t worry mom.” replied Adam.“Well I didn’t mean to….Oh I’m sorry I didn’t know you had company.” she said as she walked towards me.“Hi..I’m Hayley Stevens.” I said.His mom was beautiful. She had shoulder length light brown hair. It seemed like she would have been a model in her younger years.“Hi, I’m Susan Breech,” She said as she shook my hand.”So what are you guys up to?”“We’re just working on our English paper.” said Adam as he scratched his head.“Oh great..well dinner is in 10 minutes, we’re having pasta.” She responded“Cool, I’m starving.” stated Adam.“Will you be joining us for dinner Hayley?” asked Adam’s mom.“Umm actually….” I tried saying before Adam interrrupted me.“Come on stay, Rosa’s pasta is freakin’ awesome.” Did Adam Breech just ask me to stay for dinner? I really didn’t understand what was going on.“Okay…thanks.” I replied. *Adam’s P.O.V*I know I asked Hayley to stay for dinner but then it came to me that “Hayley Stevens” was having dinner with me and my family. I really didn’t think too much of it after awhile.“So mom, where’s dad?” I asked my mom as she took a sip of her water.“He had to stay in New York.” She responded.“So Hayley….” started my mom.”How are your parents? Hopefully not as strict as Adam’s father is with him.”It kinda seemed that Hayley was uncomfortable with that question. So I tried to change the subject.“Mom….umm pass the salad.” I said but it didn’t help.“Shh..Hayley was about to say something.” she said.“Well…..both my parents are dead….I’ve been living with my step-dad the last 14 years of my life.” said Hayley “Oh you poor dear..I never meant to….” responded my mom“It’s okay you didn’t know.” replied Hayley.I didn’t know both of Hayley’s parents were dead. I would be a wreck without my parents..I don’t how she does it.“So…lets change the subject.” I said quickly.”So…. mom, I been meaning to ask you…can I get a tattoo?”“No.”“….But mom, I-” I tried saying.“Adam Peter Breech, when I say no I mean no.” said my mom without thinking twice about it.I heard Hayley giggle and I turned to her but her smile faded quickly.We didn’t talk very much but time passed quick. *Hayley’s P.O.V*“Oh…wow, I have to go.” It was really was getting late and I needed to get home. I thanked his mom and made my way to the door. I guess Adam was coming outside too, because the sound of the door shutting tightly indicated so.“We got a pretty good start on this assignment, huh?” Adam said zipping up his jacket and stuffing his hands in his pocket. It really was freezing outside. Thats January in Chicago, alright.“Yeah, I have faith in this one.” I said confidently. A swift, cold breeze hit my face. Man, it was getting freakin’ cold. It felt like a storm was cooking up in the sky. A small rain drop landed on my nose.“Great.” I mumbled to myself. Adam directed his stare to the clouds.“You’re not walking, are you?”“Actually, I am.” I said simply. I really have no problem walking in pouring rain. I do have a problem with walking in snow cap weather, though.“No you’re not. I’m taking you home.” He said simply.“No. I can walk home. Thanks.” I can take care of myself. I got here by myself, I can get home the same way.“Got to go. See you tomorrow, Adam.” I smiled and walked down the driveway. Okay, well I was walking a little fast. Too fast to notice a thin layer of ice over the tiled driveway. *Slip*“Owwwww!” I fell flat on my butt. Did I mention clumsy is my middle name? I rubbed my behind and cursed the ground a few times. Adam came over to me so casually with a small smile on his face. His face muscles couldn’t take it anymore. He let out a loud, high-pitched round of laughter. He finally settled himself down and reached out to help me. I placed my hand in his and held on. He stepped back to pull me up, but I turned the tables on him. I brought him down with me. On the hard ice he fell flat on his tush as well.“You little trickster!” He said shocked. Surprise, surprise. I snickered to myself. That’s when the rain turned from a drop to steady pounding rain.“Okay, fine, you got me.” He said defeated. “How about I get you home?” I nodded. He lifted himself and looked at me suspiciously before deciding to help me up. I gave him an innocent face and a chessy grin. I sighed and gave a serious face. That worked because he lifted me up so I was stable and standing. But again, I slipped. Luckily Adam caught me before I would hit the ground…..again, but this time it felt different. *Adam’s P.O.V*“Ahhh!” Hayley screamed. She slipped on the ice again. I reacted fast and caught her I held her close so she wouldn’t break a bone or anything. She looked up at me with mysterious eyes filled with such bewilderment. I became entraced in her green eyes.Our faces got really close. We both leaned in. Wet rain drops fell from the tips of our hair and rolled down our lips. I could hear and feel her breathing. The same sequence as mine. Wait, What?“Uhh….we better get going, Hayley.” I had to stop that. I don’t even know what took over me. It was unexpected, but it felt so right being that close. It’s kind of weird that my nerves took the best of me. That never happens. What makes this any different?“Yeah, I think you’re right.” She backed away, still cautious of her step. The ride to her house was silent. The only small talk we consisted of were the directions to her house.“Good night.” And with that she stepped out of the car and left to her home.*****WOW! Anywho..Sorry for taking almost a week to post this, its because Annette and I had a project due and we didn’t have time.Well hopefully it won’t be like that anytime soon. We hoped you guys enjoyed reading this as much we enjoyed writing it =D. Comment and Buzz******