Blood Painted Roses *Part 6*

*Hayley’s P.O.V*“Do you need some ice for that burn?” said Adam’s big-boned, steroid-talking football player friend.I should have known.What was I thinking? He just dissed me! I’m stupid for thinking his attitude would change over night. Just plain stupid.I just walked away from Adam’s laughing friends. Its been said words can’t hurt a soul, but they proved it false. I didn’t have to speak,they spoke for me.I sat down at my desk and packed my stuff in my backpack. (Bell Rings)I pulled my my bag over my shoulders but forgot to zip up the front pocket. My different colored pens spilled onto the floor. Brittany approached me while I was picking up my belongings. “Need help?” I heard her say above me. “Umm, that would be nice….thanks.” I was happy someone acted like a human towards me. “Psych!” she said kicking my pens where I couldn’t reach, “I’m nice but not that nice.” *Adam’s P.O.V* The bell rang and all the cheerleaders got off the jocks laps and kissed them good bye.Brittany was standing talking to her fellow cheerleaders. Hayley dropped something-couldn’t tell from the distance. Brittany walked up to her, said something then walked away smiling. Hayley kept gathering her stuff. She and I were the only two people in the classroom. I walked around her desk and tried not to make eye contact. Not right now, at least. “Hey Adam!” Brittany explained once I was in the hallway. Could you tell she liked me? “Hi.” I said thinking about tonight’s football game. “Did you see what I did to that Hayley girl? Shes so weird!” she said in this squeaky. “Some people just don’t deserve to be on this planet.” she said a big sigh. “Yeah, I guess..” I said carelessly, not even paying attention to what she was saying. “You know..I’ve got to get to class,” I said thinking of an excuse to get out of a future conversation. “Class is awaiting!” I said in a an overly sarcastic tone.“You’re so funny Adam! Okay I’ll see you on the field tonight!”God!That quirky-preppy voice! I mean shes cute and all, but-she bugs! Damn, the girl just doesn’t get the clear hint of disinterest.“True dat.” I said waving behind myself and walking to 2nd period. *Hayley’s P.O.V*After the events in 1st period ended, the day was smooth sailing. Lunch came, and so did the popular cliques. Lunch bell rang and classes poured out of the hallways and into the cafeteria. Some signed themselves out and drove to the nearest food chains. I went out the front enterance, and ate on the steps. I had work after school, so I got a headstart on my homework. *Adam’s P.O.V*“I have told you countless times! Do your homework! Everytime you fail to turn in your assignments, you’re getting one step closer to failing this class! If this ‘little’ talk doesn’t help, I’m going to have to-” Mrs. Dobosky’s scolding voice was ignored by the lunch bell.Everyone stood up to leave.“Sit down class! The bell does not dismiss you, I do!” She screamed with an old scratchy cough at the end.“Mmhmm, yeah sure” a voice retorded.Everyone followed his lead in exiting the classroom.“Im calling all of your parents!” her threat went over all of our heads.Once outside the classroom, I reached into my pockets for lunch money. Just as I expected, I left it at home.“Left your money?” asked Dean.I nodded my head.“No worries, we gotcha Del Taco.”“Oh,thanks..thats nice of you.” I responded“Courtesy of myself and the football team.”“Cool!”“…But you know those beef soft tacos cost cash, so you owe me $7.50.”“I should have known you wouldn’t let me off that easy.”“I’m courteous to a certain extent. We thought it would give you a boost for tonights game.” Dean said giving me a rough pat on the shoulder.“Hopefully it works to its fullest. I hate diappointing people.” I said a little nervously.“Trust me. You won’t. You never do.” *Hayley’s P.O.V*School ended reluctanly. Im good at school, but theres just that feeling that you can only take so long and you just need to get out.Work was kinda slow and boring. Most of the band shipments were to arrive in about a week or more, so sales were down.“Bye Hayley. You were great, even though we were slow in business today.” Tony, my boss said giving me a friendly hug.My dad was friends with his dad in high school, so we go way back a long time. Hes the reason why I even have a job. He knows about John and his habits, so he got me working at Hot Topic.“Thanks. See you tomorrow.” I said leaving the store.The mall was kinda empty, surprisingly. I wonder where everyone was? ****So there you go…im sorry its pretty dull but I swear its only going to get better…we’re kinda having trouble with it….but bare with us..okay? Comments=Love and Happiness– Panic! Rebels.