Tuesday Buzz 1/9

Hahahah: The Lohanification of Water. (BWE)

Nick at Nite brings back Growing Pains! Hott. When I was 5 I totally had a crush on Kirk Cameron. (futoncritic)

Roadie Rage? Fists fly at a New Mexico FOB show. (Dlisted)

Ok, sure– I guess this is a creative way to keep your rent low. (Gawker)

DJ AM + Mandy Moore= Loooove Connection? (Mollygood)

Being Borat is exhuasting: So knock off the impressions, losers.

Ooooh, ahhh: iPhone.

What does it mean to be “Plutoed“? (LAist)

I’ll totally own you: VH1’s Pop Culture Game.

The Electric Car– back from the dead? (mercurynews)

Atlanta PD: Keeping dangerous jaywalkers off the streets.

TV on the Radio on the road. (pollstar)

The Top 10 Good Things About Being an Adult. (LAist)

CD’s vs. Downloads. (Lifehacker)Before you take that job app to Taco Hell, take a gander at Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to work for in 2007.

Singing in the rain… because your umbrella plays music. (GeekSugar)