I spent a weekend in space…

(can apparently still post from work. Whoo-hoo!)

…well, not technically. But we decided a Firefly marathon would be a good way to spend an otherwise horrible weekend. By “we” I mean me and my housemates. We watched every episode of the series and we have plans to watch Serenity tonight to round it all out.

Of course, watching that much Firefly in one sitting does things to your brain. And, when you have three people who already pick up mannerisms and speech patterns very quickly, that much Firefly results in conversations such as:

J: Would y’all be mindin’ if I watched one of the old episodes I ain’t seen?
Me: Naw, I reckon we wouldn’t.
J: Y’all aren’t mockin’ me, are you?
K: Naw, I mostly think we’s mockin’ ourselves.

It also leads to the following being written on the white board on our refridgerator:

Rule #392: NO KILLING THE PILOTAshly, this means you.

Rule #14: Kitchen => Pants~Kitchen => ~PantsEveryone just keep your ruttin’ pants on!

And of course, we’ve all got our work divided up:

K: I’ll be the ship’s medic.Me: You’re the pilot.K: I’ll be both.Me: You can’t be. Them’s the rules.J: But I ain’t qualified to be the ship’s medic.K: I’ll just take medic.Me: But then rule #392 don’t apply to you. K: I’ll stick to pilot.J: But I still ain’t qualified for that job…wait, what’s yer job again?Me: Mostly I reckon I hit people and then I get paid.

Burn the land and boil the seayou can’t take the sky from me…