New Year

I woke up on January 1st feeling the need to be someone else. I cleaned, I wrote, I made such plans. I will be the person I was meant to be. I will stop pretending to be someone else and start pretending to be who I really am. I will take chances, be industrious, stop surviving and start living for a change.

Then January 2nd dawns grey and last year’s mask goes back on my face. I still have to be someone else 8 to 5 on weekdays. Momentum would carry much further if I didn’t run into a wall of reality.

So I’m going to cushion the wall a little bit. Reach out, find a wall I don’t hate hitting as much. Might mean I’m headed to New York, could New York handle me? Could I handle New York? Would anyone handle me in New York? I think too much about sex, don’t I?

I’m sick of wearing a mask of achievement when all I’ve done is hide. Time to stop that.

Philly in 10 days. Not for The Show, just for kicks. And the Queen of Hearts screams “Off with her head.”