The best part about growing up?

I get to figure out how many lies my parents told me.

Hard work, determination and wishing don’t get you what you want. A skinny waist combined with big tits and blow jobs is what gets you what you want.

Being yourself doesn’t make you a happier person. It just makes you a more aware of yourself miserable person.

Optimism is just another fun form of self delusion.

You can never be an individual. Because no matter where you go, people have already decided what social group you fit into.

Loving yourself doesn’t come first. Hating yourself enough to make yourself into something other people can love comes first.

In ancient Greece the muses had names like Melpomene and Polyhymnia. For my generation of writers it seems our muse is either Depression or Desire. It doesn’t matter which, they both end in tears.