Band: New Years Day

Having an affinity for girl vocalists (they’re more fun for me to sing along to) and OC bands (minus Lit) this particular pop-punk outfit strikes me as an aspiring Paramore.

They recently put out a 5-song EP and right now they have two of those tracks on Purevolume: My Dear & Razor.

I dig “My Dear” and think it should totally be placed in the next Hilary Duff movie. No, that’s not an insult, I’ve seen “The Perfect Man” twice. Probably because her Lizzie-famous fictional character and I have the same last name. Or not. Anyway, it starts off a sweet-but-sad post-breakup note, but then morphs into something with an edge– like “I’m really depressed but not above hacking into your email and changing your password.” Not that I speak from personal experience or anything. The opening of “Razor” is too emo for me (and so is the title)– and you know I don’t like to throw that word around casually. But with lyrics like “your life’s a performance, so let the cameras roll” it has potential for you drama-mongering types. I really like the “craaaaaash” chorus part, though, so fast forward if you find the rest intolerable.

NYD caught my attention when they sent me a friend request on MySpace (back in the day when I got TWO a day as opposed to 37). I liked “Ready Aim Misfire” which is still up on PV if you wanna give that one a listen, too.

Their “Razor” EP is out on TVT records, available @ iTunes and Yahoo Music.

Check and assess at their PV page.