Wednesday Buzz 12/6

Giving Blondes a bad name: Charles mistaken for Gnarls. (nypost)

Avril is totally there for you: Listen to her new heartfelt song. (AOL)

Rosie takin’ a lead on Nip/Tuck. (eOnline)

Forrest tackles snarky questions on behalf of Hellogoodbye. (Absolutepunk)

Olfactory Marketing: Do I want to get on a bus, or do I want a cookie? (Yahoo News)

Deck your customers the malls: Tips for Holiday Retail workers. (

Familiarity breeds… difficulty in gift-buying? Fascinating. Maybe I can forgive some crappy gifs now.

Did Posh buy the Holly Golightly dress? (Dlisted)

Absoutepunk Interview w/ 30stm.

MySpace’s plan to keep villains off your friends list— think it’ll work? (businesswire)

So you’ve always secretly wanted to be an elf? Here’s your chance.

Match the Artwork with the (Celebrity) Artist! (Mollygood)

Toy Story Requiem.

Rock & Roll legos. (Brickshelf Gallery)

I stole these two links from Chris (DonetoDeath)

The Killers release a Christmas song – “A Great Big Sled.” All proceeds go to the RED Charity to fight Aids.

Pitchfork interviews “The Hold Steady”