Wednesday Buzz 12/13

Barack Obama is a tease.

Top ranked contraband products in the word: Mary Jane wins, Pirated music number twenty-freakin-one. Suck on that, RIAA. (

Faster than a FOB concert: Princess Diana’s memorial-ish concert sold out in less than 20 minutes. (Yahoo)

Bad Charlotte: Joel dumps Hilary for Nicole. (Page Six)

God loves your tattooed @$$: One Punk Under God hits the Sundance Channel.

TMZ’s take on the dark side of Hwood: Someone’s gonna die.

Whitney from Pop Candy talks to author JT LeRoy. Apparently I missed the memo that JT LeRoy is actually Laura Albert.

This is why they call it dope. (Yahoo)

No new Heroes for like, an eternity (1/22/07), but there is a new comic. Yeah!!!

LOL @ Matt Damon doing McConaughey. (Mollygood)

Annnnnnd another list: Rolling Stone’s Best 100 songs of 06.

Solar trees vs. real trees. (Wired)

Stop counting, start tripping: Shrooms relieve OCD? (BoingBoing)

Is there another scientologist baby inside Katie Holmes? (Mollygood)

And hey, anyone looking for some fashion inspiration, check out the list of street style blogs that I put together yesterday!