Monday Buzz 12/4

McCartney vs. Moz: Who is Britains Greatest Living Icon? (NME)

NME is a sexist magazine, sez Lily Allen. (Brooklyn Vegan)

VH1’s Big n ’06 Awards: Fashion Do’s and Dont’s here. Oh, and the list of winners, too. (PopSugar)

Zombie Chickens! (Mercury News)

Greek Mythology + Celeb Culture= The Three Disgraces. (Gallery of the Absurd)

What to read or what NOT to read, that is the question: Get your UnSuggestion here.

Tori Spelling is gonna get her memoir-writing on: Unless she calls it “Donna Martin Graduates!” I dont think anyone will care. (USA Today)

A whopping 20% discount? Wal-Mart is still cheap. And I don’t mean that in a good way. (nytimes)

22 ways to give your brain a work out! Redemption from all the celeb gossip we shove down your throat. (Ririan Project)

Zooey Deschanel and Leon Redbone cover “Baby Its Cold Outside” (Mollygood)

Two indie hipsters let their “audience” decide where they’re going to live. Hmm.