Mid-season BUZZ 11/27

OUT: Adopting babies. IN: Adopting Britney.

In case KKKramer finds plucked from myspace friends list, I’m sure he can find a date here.Bonus! KKKramer rap remix!Dec 8th, day of healing? Or just my birthday? Yoko Ono makes a proposition. (Gothamist)

Then again… it appears giving peace a chance will get your @ss fined. (Yahoo)

And you put that up your nose? How to make cocaine. (Cityrag)

Honeybees are the new bombsniffers. Forreal. (USA Today)

Holy holiday buzzkill: Starbucks seasonal drink breakdown. (FitSugar)

Dress like the cast of Ugly Betty. Betty’s horrific ensembles not exempt.

What you say, goes: The 2006 Alternative Press Readers Poll.

HGB cover “Fly Me To The Moon.” So cute. (AOL sessions)

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