Buzz for Wednesday 11/1

Will Pugh, Cartel’s charming frontman, is #23 on Golf Digest’s Top Musician Golfers. Beat by Mr. Timberlake (#15) but way ahead of Snoop. (Absolutepunk)

“Keep a few guys on the side for back up”: Lindsay gives little sister Ali advice. (PopSugar)

Raise your hand if you want to see Ice-T nekkid. What, no one? Too bad. (Yahoo)

Diddy sure did love those Maxell commercials: New Video, “Tell Me” ft. Xtina (Stereogum)

Borat isn’t that funny. (Best Week Ever)

Studio 60 isn’t getting axed. Yet. (Media Post)

Are you there, God? About 42% of the American Population isn’t real sure. (Breitbart)

Youtube & Viacom kiss and make up: Comedy Central clips back up, holla! (AdWeek)

Makin’ Lemonade: Shanna Moakler throws a “Divorce Party” in Vegas. (Perez Hilton)

Peace Out, Bob Barker: The 82 year old “Price is Right” host is hangin’ up the mic. (BWE / Yahoo)


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