Since Bree never really blogs on here…

This could be the song everyone relates to… another melody something we go through these could be the words to use in good fortune to keep in the back of mind for your back-up plan

Confession: I really really really like the new MCR single. I especially like it when I hear it in the morning, driving to work or school. Makes me feel ready to take on the day. Only once did it instigate an anxiety attack because I thought too much about the lyrics and how it was about somebody who had passed on and… ok, here it comes again, time to change the subject.

Confession of something you already knew: I am so head over heels in love with New Found Glory. If I could marry Coming Home, I would. I would marry it and then renew my vows every week. I sincerely hope everything works out and me and Kiki can go see them in SD (I have class the other two nights *sob*). If it wasn’t my last quarter and I didn’t care about my GPA, you know damn well I’d skip class (an exam, even) to see them. I think they (ok, and maybe mxpx) are the only band I’m willing to get in the pit for. Thats a lie, but theyre the only band whos playing a show anytime SOON that I’d get in the pit for.

Health: The muscle relaxants were working for awhile for my clenching problem, but not so much anymore. It stops me from doing it at night mostly, but not during the day. I’ve noticed I do it whenever I get upset, or whenever I’m stressed, or even when I’m concentrating. I can’t take the meds during the day, cause that sh*t knocks me out. Other than that, things are good. I’ve been working out 3x a week, and doing a lot more stretching. Living across the street from trader joes is a dream. Oh I have pics of my apt in recent photos, so check em out, I know I lagged.

Jeff got business cards from his wok that say “Jeff Schaum, Editor” which made me really excited, so I asked for some. He is still working crazy hours and working on freelance stuff at home. The other day he came in really late and instead of climbing into bed and hugging me, he came over to my side and stood there– I opened my eyes out of a dead sleep and freaked OUT. I said “ohmygod” and grabbed my heart. Not nice. But I was back asleep 5 min later. I finally uploaded pics of my apartment here.

Oh, I went to the GC/Pink Spiders/Young Love show last weekend… did I blog about that? Anyway, I went alone but sort of made friends when I got there. I think they were hitting on me but I never know until someone offers to buy me a drink, which they didn’t. I also think they were lying when they told me what they did for a living (although their answers were unimpressive)… speaking of lying, what happened to that show “Angela’s Eyes”? I loved it. I want to study nonverbal communication. Anyway, here is a video of my most favorite GC song ever.

I went to The Killers on Kimmel Wednesday night, it was my first time seeing them and it was fabulous. Only I wish Brandon would lose the ‘stache and bring back the eyeliner, Mr. Brightside style. ONE of the Killers (it’s true, I only know Brandon Flowers’ name, I’m awful) said “Excuse me” when we were waiting to get into the green room, and I had a happy moment because I thought “That man hangs out with Brandon Flowers.” I don’t ever want to meet him. You should never meet your idols. Keeps things happy, and idealistic. Anyway. We drank white wine and talked about our teamers and No Doubt while we waited for The Killers to go on. I got to see Farah and Deanne, and wanted to ask them to hang out afterward, but then I remembered I had a paper to write so I just went home.

I’m going to The Killers tonight, and Gym Class/CS tomorrow 🙂

School: I met with Dr. Baaske to double check my electives. We have to do a course substitution and badger records to correct my petition, which was granted back in ’04. Thennnn he was like “This is seriously your GPA?” Yeah. “Are you going to grad school.” I. Uh. Maybe. “You should seriously consider it, especially with this GPA and how I remember you as a student of mine.” But I don’t know where to go, or for what. “Make an appointment with me. Ill persuade you.” Ok. “I mean it.” Ok! So, maybe sometime in the next couple weeks I’ll have a plan.

Future: I have decided that what I want to do, ultimately, is music supervision. Do I think grad school will help me with that? No. But someday in the far off future, I’m going to be sick of the entertainment industry and then I’ll want to teach. The dilemma, then, is how do I take steps toward this goal while I’m in grad school? I have experience in it, from interning with Fuel, but I’d like to know more, get more hands on. Are there books I should read? Shows I should watch? People I should meet? Does anyone know where Alex Patasvas lives, so I can begin stalking her?

Songs you should download, immediately: Church of Hot Addiction – Cobra Starship Like Satellites – Over It (totally and ending-credits song!) Read My Mind – The Killers

Oh. Duh– just go to my audio… I just uploaded all the best songs 🙂

it’s the beat that keeps you marching on so take your jacks I’ve got armor on reasons will reveil itselve into time so for luck will you cross your fingers