Bamboozle Left 10/14/06: Recap!

So, Bamboozle Left. I’m not feeling particularly verbose today, but I’ll give you what I can.

Saturday: Jeff was FINALLY allowed a day off, so he came with me… we were late, thanks to inexplicable traffic, and missed Over It and The Matches… who he wanted to see the most. So sad. I made my rounds and said hi to most people I knew that would be there. The first band we watched was Sugarcult, who arent really looking as sharp as they used to, but who are still a fun band… I will never get tired of “Bouncing Off The Walls” even though the song is about Cocaine and I really can’t relate. Ha. They played some new songs “Do It Alone” (have you seen the second version of the video? It’s worth watching, fo sho) and “Los Angeles” (I usually like songs about areas that pertain to me, but this one is kinda dark and kinda reminds me how much I don’t like LA). I have good memories associated with Sugarcult, though… like the time we all went to see them play this ghetto-ish club in Fullerton (?) (Or Orange?)… there were plastic bags all over the ceiling, to keep the rain out since it was pouring. Was the place called the Red Velvet? Or did I just make that up? Holy tangent, Batman.

Cobra Starship was next, and they’re always entertaining. They played Keep It Simple, my favorite song, and I got some video of that. Then came Gym Class Heroes… Travis is such a charming, entertaining frontman. It’s going to be weird not seeing Gym Class & CS together in the future. Hellogoodbye was synthy, simple and wonderful. I got some video of “Oh, It Is Love”… they didnt seem to have as much merch as they usually do, or else I would have bought something. I did buy a Kill Brand shirt, though– one I’d been eyeing on Warped Tour.

Then came Jacks Mannequin… who I really like, but I was anticipating SoCo the whole time. Jeff&I stood in the same spot for over an hour. My heart nearly burst when they started playing “Konstantine.” They also played “I Woke Up in a Car” and “Hurricane.” We left after that, I was so incredibly content. Jeff didn’t get to see his bands, but he did really end up liking Jacks Mannequin/SoCo….

Sunday recap later.