Warped recap

Man, I love Warped Tour.

I got there @ about 10:45am and waited in line for the guest lists to arrive. I had a +1, but no one really got back to me, so oh well. The good news is I got to surpass that hideously long line. I went straight to the blow-up schedule first, and wrote down all the bands I wanted to see in the grids they were giving out for free. Last year those things were sparse. I walked around to orient myself with the stages and figure out where the Takeover and Over It tents were. Ken is here from Japan doing merch for Over It! I think he’s here til the 31st or something. Takeover had a little puppy mascot, Marley, who was Ashley’s dog.

Anyway, onto the bands. The first band I attempted to watch was Saves The Day. I really wasn’t that stoked to see them and then I walked over and they were playing Rocks Tonic Juice Magic! So I weaved through half the crowd and sang along for awhile. SO weird that Chris has hot pink hair.

Next was Cartel. They are SO good! I took some video, too– If I Fail & Say Anything (Else)

Ok, sadly, I am over giving a play-by-play. Already. Haha.

I watched Over It, and I LOVE the new songs, especially “Too Much Information.” Here is my live video of “Truth Is” which was totally my fav song last summer…

Between Cartel and Over It, I couldn’t catch The Academy Is… so I then decided I was going to LA no matter WHAT. I finally had to hydrate myself and sit down for awhile. My purse strap busted but Jake saved the day and gave me a Kill Brand tote. Kill Brand has a really cute white super soft tee that I need to order before they sell out. We went back to the OI bus (super nice, btw) to get a couple energy drinks, then went to watch Gym Class Heroes. They are so good. Like, definitely one of my top 5 bands right now. I am going to buy the cd they day it comes out, for sure. The Queen and I is the catchiest, most upbeat song ever. Ill admit that my attention span is so short it’s hard for me to stay focused for a full half hour. But GCH had my undivided attention.

I caught some of Hellogoodbye’s set (Forrest was dancing with a…sunflower?) and screamed when they asked who was reppin’ the 714. Haha. They changed Paramore’s set time so I only caught the last song 🙁

AD escorted me onstage for Saves The Day acoustic… wow, what an experience. They were taking requests the whole time. That made me kinda wish I was in the front, so I could yell “Hold” or “Sell My Old Clothes” (although I heard someone yell that)… cause it’d be weird to yell from behind them, right? Here is “Cars and Calories” live and here is a new song.

I met some people from The Out Crowd booth (that buzznet works with) and the Clandestine guy, Jordan. I think I actually met like 8 people. Hopefully, their names will come to me in the future. I stopped by I Am Ghosts tent cause Ryan was sitting there, and I hadnt seen him in months. They got busy and I no nothing about that band, so I left. Jake cut my bangs later i the evening, and then there was like, an after party/ BBQ. There was a blow up palm tree bar and some sort of raffle… for headphones, I think. Anyway, I am forgetting tons, I’m sure, but my hands are cold, so I’m done here.

LA Warped later.