Don’t sit there and play just so frank, so straight, so candid, so thoughtful, so gracious, so sound, so even-handed. Don’t be so damn benign and don’t waste my fucking time.” –Ok Go, “Don’t Ask Me”

Had this incompetant apartment manager not been 95 years old, I would’ve straight punched him in the face. Or at least spit in his face.

I called this incoherent old man on Saturday asking if WE could see the apartment because my boyfriend AND I were looking for a one bedroom. After suffering through his garbled talk on the phone, we viewed the apartment. The guy showing is was super nice, and told us we could fill out the application and give it back to him right then if we wanted. So we did. He said we’d get a call later in the evening. We didn’t. So we waited til this morning and I called back. He asked me three times if I had seen the apartment, each time I said –louder and slower, making sure to enunciate– “WEVE ALREADY SEEN IT. WE LIKE IT. WE FILLED OUT APPLICATIONS THREE DAYS AGO. HAVE YOU DECIDED WHO GETS TO RENT IT?” Varying up the sentence structure here and there with hopes something would catch in that ancient equipment of his. I tried, God save me, I tried to communicate with this man but he just kept asking me if I wanted to see it. @#$%$%$

I hung up and Jeff called later and the old man told him for us to come at 4, and he would interview people. So I left work early to get there @ 4. The guy wasnt there til like, 4:30 or later. I swear it takes him 15 minutes to get up the stairs and sit down. I was patient initially, but now wish that I wasnt.

He wants to interview people in the order they turn in their apps. Fine, were second, so we wait while he gives sh*t to the first kid about commuting and considers not renting to him for that reason (The kid works in San Pedro). We waited around for like 10 minutes for that interview to end, only for him to tell us HE WILL ONLY RENT TO ONE PERSON.

Are you KIDDING me right now, you f***ing geezer? He says “We must not have read the ad clearly”……… um, no, I’m pretty sure I did. Like, three times. I don’t take time out of my already full schedule to drive to these locations without being sure of things ahead of time. Still we had to suffer through his speech about his experience, so we knew why he doesnt rent one bedrooms to two people. Something about someone having an affair while her husband was oversea. And children. Right, of course– were like bunnies and if you put two people in a one bedroom surely they will produce children? IDIOT. He told us he had a two bedroom opening up. Why the hell would we need a two bedroom? I paced while Jeff patiently listened to the old man going on about whatever the eff he was saying about other tenants. I was FUMING.

Out of the three times I called for information, he couldn’t have said something then? What about the guy showing the apartment? What about taking a look at the applications we submitted together and not make us leave work just so we can drive over there, wait, and then be told we dont have a chance?

How about at LEAST having the decency to not make us wait through SOMEONE ELSES interview if you know youre not going to rent to us.

I’m sitting here trying not to wish ill will on anyone, because I know what goes around comes around…

We reported the misinformation to westsiderentals, but I mean, what else can we do?

I am so irritated. Lately everytime I try not to judge people or situations based on my first impressions I always end up sorry that I didn’t.