All this AND Tila Tequila?

This is a realllllllly funny article. And I have no shame in posting it since myspace has stripped anything buzznet off its site, including Coachella-related things. And thats dumb, cause we run their community.

Some excerpts:

It all started when I wanted to find a reason why the core of my Internet-saturated being hates Myspace. For fun one day, I searched within Myspace’s profiles for the following phrases:

9620: “I’m going to kill myself” 72,000: “I’m rick James Bitch” 3,100,000: wierd

For the phrases: “is that your final answer” OR “kicked off the island” OR “rick james bitch” OR “I pity the fool” we get back 209,000. Imagine a baseball stadium full of people cackling to themselves self-assuredly after aiming one of these hideous catchphrases at the pitchers mound. If my calculations are correct, this would cause Crocodile Dundee’s cliched spirit to form from the mist of 209,000 gutteral abortions and ride an H bomb straight to the center of the earth, KILLING US ALL.

Google returned 9620 results for “I’m going to kill myself” on Myspace alone. I know this is a common end of the day confession for those hard working teenage mothers of five and should not be taken that seriously, so I expanded the search to general discontent: “I hate my life” gets us 134,000 and the general string I want to kill returns 11.5 million!. “Razorblades”quickly gives me 47,300. I do not know a reason why that word should show up at all.

The numbers speak for themselves people. Communication and expression, use and abuse within this MySpace land is going someplace sour. On the positive side, we can thank Myspace for corralling the perps, pervs, pricks and princesses in one place. Can the swamp be saved? Can contemporary forms of community for the youth improve or will MySpace continue to degenerate into a

vacuum of real social interaction friend-collecting obsession “profile stalking” time-wasting emporium playground for child molesters “look at me” assclownstorm