Tip…er, stalk your bartender?

NY is really promoting stalking. First, Gawker’s up to the minute google-map enabled celeb stalker… (PS. Cuomo, he’s just like me– he eats pizza!) now Bartender stalking? I mean, seriously.

JIMMY IOVINE is a fool, I tell you, a FOOL. He thinks he can make ASHLEE SIMPSON into “the next Gwen Stefani”! Oh no he di-int.

In things that don’t pertain to celebrities or stalking… I’m trying to get used to my new place. +It’s warm. Yay for a contrast to the arctic environment otherwise known as Dad’s house. -The effing internet always goes down. I guess they got it fixed AND secured the network, some time between 5 and 10pm last night. I came home at 11pm (after a trip to Home Depot, Target and dinner with Shehla), and was way irritated on it being down because I had an Island Conference call this morning, and I didn’t have the phone number, or the code, and I needed to review my current teamers so I could give relevant, recent feedback about them. I think sometimes I should be a more calm, problem solving person, but I like… I have my plate full right now. With two island markets, buzznet, moving (and I’ve had to buy so much… I mean, seriously, you don’t realize what you don’t have until you need it… like sugar. And measuring cups. Or a can opener. Or soap!) and school. Granted, I’m STOKED Island is giving me the responsbility, I love buzznet cause time FLIES, I love we do, and I work with cool people; my room @ the new place is glorious and PRIVATE and as far as school is concerned -this just in- I GOT STRAIGHT A’s this quarter!!! but… I only have certain time to do certain things. I do not have time to get sick, or get lost, or sit around and NOT be productive. At 11:30 at night, I still have a good 2 hours in me. I can’t wait around to see IF things will get taken care of in the morning. Ugh, I’m such a control freak.A solid type A personality.

“If things seem under control, you are just not going fast enough.” -Mario Andretti