My first, my last, my everythings?

-I started Buzznet today! I guess I don’t have to explain it to you, cause you’re HERE already, eh? Anyway, it’s going to be rad, and I hope I can bring a lot of my friends here…

-I’m still intrigued by my face being on the channel 4 myspace investigation. Someone needs to ‘fess up to being the Friend On TV before I do a mass deletion my friends list. Kidding, kidding. I hate “cut threats.” PS. Tom is hating, I’ve posted 3 bulletins on myspace today and not one showed up. Whatever, I don’t need your bulletins, Tom.

-I got tooth pulled this weekend– a wisdom tooth to be exact– and I still have those nifty eventually-dissolving stitches in my gums. It’s kind of unpleasant but I’ve heard SO MANY horror stories about wisdom teeth extractions, so it seems like I got off easy.

-I’m moving. I’m way sad to be parting ways with OC, but commuting blows. I’m moving into a room in a remodeled house by my school. I’m so excited to go to IKEA you don’t even know. It’s a small room, but even the prospect of purchasing hangers and having a place to HANG MY CLOTHES is exclamation-worthy (!!!!!)

-Oh. And I have four finals this week. I have to tie up a 30 page paper tonight, and study for my bio final. I have two more finals on Thursday, four chapters to read and a 8 page paper to write. I have A’s right now I believe, so I can’t slack if I want a 4.0 this quarter. One teacher always gives me a B and ruins it, though.

-I took over the LA Market for Island, so now I have two (OC as well) street teams to run (and build)…actually three, because I’m going to be helping buzznet build one.

Everything is crazy, and I have a million things going on, but the strange thing is I do 100x better when I get to multitask than I do when I have like, one thing to focus on.

But I definitely need a new mixtape for the next couple weeks. Ill post my current one in the next couple days. Suggestions?

Aight I’m out for now.