Dead Bodies & Cat Food.

First of all, I would like to preface this by saying if I had to chose a sense to be heightened (you know, out of the basic five, no crazy 6th thrown in there or anything) olfactory would NOT be it. You can’t imagine the hell my nose goes through during these “phases” of mine– it’s so intense that sometimes I can smell dirt. I can smell whats inside of delivery trucks. I can smell food cooking in other apartments even if all my doors and windows are closed. I’m pretty sure that if I gave it a little effort, I could I.D. people by their scent. It’s insane. And no, smarta$$es, I’m not pregnant.

Anyway, so we go to this thai place for lunch, and I’m stoked because the thai food we had on Friday was SO good. So I order this shrimp noodle soup thing. So the first plate of food comes, and it smells odd to me, but it goes away after a second… then out comes my soup, in a HUGE bowl, and I swear to God I thought they were bringing me catfood, cause that was the intense scent headed ny way. I thought MAYBE it was the lady who brought it out, but no. When she left, the aroma stayed. I gingerly picked up my fork and weaved a noodle around it. It tasted like cat, no joke. I can’t explain it fully, because I don’t understand how some scents evoke tastes, if its something I’ve never tasted, but they do. It was the smell that made the taste, too… when I put my face near the bowl, I totally felt like I was in an old house teeming with cats and no professional cleaning services. I tried a few more bites but I was seriously suppressing my gag reflex. SO weird. I felt so bad for wasting so much food, but it wasn’t something I could control. Weird.

Also, I do believe we passed a dead body on Wilshire. Twice. The first time we just saw a stroller and a pile of what looked like dirty laundry. It had police tape all around it and Mark made a joke about a dead body, but at that point, we really didn’t think one was there. I thought it was your standard abandoned baby case. But on the way BACK. we saw that the “dirty laundry” in fact, had limbs, and the officer was bending it in a way that made Mark think, “it” was dead, for sure. I, being the optimist, walk on telling myself silently that “it” was just really really drunk and passed out. But it was probably dead. Which means that was real life CSI? I hope the baby that formerly inhabited that stroller is ok.

Also, I have a huge cheeze-it twister dependency, which I only see growing since the grocery and food options in the immediate areas of new home, school and work are… limited. If only pinkdot delivered on the east side. Sigh.