Celebrity Stalking for Dummies (in Manhattan)

First of all, as much as I adore celeb gossip just as much as the next shallow person, but oh-em-gee, have you heard of Gawker.com’s Stalker feature? Am I way late to this party?

Ok, in case you HAVEN’T heard (or would just like to pretend you haven’t to make me feel cool) it’s like, up to the minute reporting of celeb sightings WITH GOOGLE MAPS.

Exciting, because if I get a sidekick and like, abandon all my responsibilities and up and move to Manhattan, and like, hang out in those numbered streets, I too, can intercept fate and spill my coffee on some hot young celeb, and get him to take off his shirt…

Except Brandon Flowers is married, and I don’t think he hangs in NY.And he’s my only celebrity crush.Sigh.

Terrifying because I, as a common unfamous socal kid, don’t really like people (aside from the bf) knowing where I am. I would freak out if all the people I know started showing up everywhere I go, nevermind stalkers (I’ve had some, er, friends who exhibited such behavior) or people I DONT know that KNOW me. Creepy as f*ck, I tell ya. The must be used to it on some level, but what a total invasion of privacy.

I mean, it’s only Manhattan right now…but how long ’til the google-map-stalking phenomena spreads? Can it? Will it?

Anyway, without further ado, The Gawker Stalker.

What do YOU think?