Vegas, Baby!

VEGAS! Krave and the Billboard Awards

Me and my manager Bruce took a road rip to Vegas this weekend. At first we went to perform at Krave which was sooo fun! Thank you all the amazing Moon Children for bringing so much love and joy:)

Last night we did the Billboard music awards… it was super last minute and I didn’t even pack for the red carpet so I ended up wearing a 22 dollar random dress and my teddy platforms. Fuck it.

The performances were really great. Carrie Underwood was probably the one that touched me the most but Katy Perry had a beautiful stage setup and Usher is just such a wonderful performer. Justin Bieber performed too. The crowd went NUTS.

Oh, and Carly Rae Jepsen did so was only her first big performance. That Call Me Maybe song is such a guilty pleasure <3 I’ve heard my drunk neighbors (dudes with big dude voices) through the wall whole heartedly sing along to it. lol.

Check out a few Vegas pics I took and some that I found online <3



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