High School Memories

Hey guys,

So it is kinda crazy how long ago High School really was when I think about it. Even though so much changes after High School graduation it can still feel like yesterday that you were walking up to start your first day! School is starting soon so I put together a gallery of my old photos from High School as well as answered some fun questions on my HS memories!

Was the first day of High School as scary for you as “they” make it seem?

I think the first day of High School is scary for everyone! ha ha. I was intimidated by all the older kids & the new kids joining my grade.

Did you have a favorite class? Least Favorite?

My favorite class was probably creative writing.. I have always been a fan of writing since I was a little girl scribbling in my journal. My least favorite class was probably Science, I was always confused.. ha ha

Any special memories from school Dances/ Prom/ Homecoming etc? Did you attend them?

I took my best friend at the time Ray to my prom, He went to the school I previously went to but left in 10th grade. I wore Converse & a Betsey Johnson dress, our prom was at a restaurant on the beach in Malibu. We stayed for 15 minutes then left to have a party in a hotel room on Sunset Blvd, I had two bands crash in our room. There was probably 20 of us or more, definitely a night to remember.

What is the best advice you can give about these kids starting freshman year of High School this fall?

Be yourself and if people don’t like you then that’s their problem & their own insecurities.

One thing you wish you knew then that you know now?

I wish I knew that everyone’s opinion of me truly meant nothing, that I wasn’t a reject and that my life would get better. I was so depressed during High School, I never thought my life could change as soon as I graduated I made real friends and my life got a lot better. Sometimes you just have to put up with shit but in the end everything always works out. I also wish I would of stood up to the mean girls in school, they seemed like such a threat but in reality they were all cowards. Now they all try and be my friend, it’s classic! Funny how life works out in ways you never dreamed they would.