Flower Power

When I was 13 and looking for my identity, I was obsessed with hippies. My first email address reflected it too: hippiechick13@hotmail.com :p What was yours?

I had my mom make me crazy bell bottom pants and kidney print tops and me and my bff hung out listening to old Bee Gees records cause there was no illegal music downloading yet and this was the oldest CD I had. Bee Gees actually made some pretty hippie music before they started making disco but I’m sure if I would have known about Janis Joplin or Jimi Hendrix that stuff would have been on repeat. I of course had no real idea of the culture or the message, I was just obsessed with the fashion.

Today, I’m dreaming of a world where we celebrate happiness and love instead of money and power and have tried to create my own space with the people who believe in the same things. To celebrate this beautiful time when so many came together to wake up, I have created a little gallery with some of my favorite hippie inspired pics. Hope u like<3