Us Weekly “Hot Hollywood” Party

So, last night was the annual Us Weekly ‘Hot Hollywood’ red carpet event.

I was extremely disappointed with the entire thing. Where is the FASHION in Hollywood?!? I almost feel like we are taking a step back. This event was to celebrate the people who are HOT in Hollywood right now…and the guests were all randoms. I feel like in the past events were way more exclusive and celebs would walk the carpet in designer dresses. It looks like they ‘talent’ went to a nearby mall and picked some sale rack item up and got ready in the car.

These days ‘big red carpet events‘ are going on every night and there are NO trendsetters. In my opinion, it’s hard to find stars with great style. I don’t count the costumes that Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and nicki minaj wear to be ‘great fashion’

None of it looks like ‘Hot Hollywood’ or great fashion to me.

ANYWAY! Here are some photos from the carpet last night!

Hopefully things will turn around soon!


Jazmin Whitley

Li Cari

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