Buzznet Badges

Who are the Guides?

  • Buzzmaker
    Buzzmakers are Buzznet's top tier. These members contribute daily; they comment and actively participate within various Buzznet communities, and their posts and uploads are Buzzed by other users. They create some of the most fantastic stories, galleries, and blogs that the world has ever seen; they are the heartbeat and pulse of this community.
  • Buzznet Original
    Buzznet Originals are featured members chosen by the Buzznet Originals group. Not only are many of them founding members of the community, but they all are honored with contributing original, unique content to Buzznet. Whether it's through mesmerizing galleries, insightful video blogs, or thought-provoking journals, we love the creativity the OGs bring to this community.
  • Artist
    Official Artist badges let you know the artist, musician or celebrity member is the real deal, and not a fake!
  • Staff
    Buzznet Staff badge is for the employees at Buzznet.
  • Member
    The Buzzmob is an elite group of BUZZNET users who are collectively devoted to promoting BUZZNET and BUZZNET music across the web! Click here to learn more.
  • Cool User
    Cool User badge is for one-off users we really like.