Secrets About MTV And Their All-Time Classic Shows

Launched on August 1, 1981, MTV was once known as a groundbreaking network, the first channel to ever air music videos. Although initially devoted to music, over the years, it has developed into a network known for its over-the-top reality television shows. These shows have grown to set the bar for reality TV, focusing on some of the most random and questionable topics on television. Take a look behind the scenes of MTV’s most well-known shows and discover the secrets and lies that go into making each episode as unbelievable as the next.

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An Unusual Amount Of Deaths


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Something unfortunate that is connected to MTV is the loss of so many of its young stars on the network. Although there have been a few tragic deaths that had nothing to do with MTV, it seems that the amount of young person deaths is higher than any other network.

People have begun to criticize MTV for launching less-than-ordinary people into stardom and then moving on from them once people get bored. These young and ex-stars then no longer know what to do with their lives and get mixed up in the vicious cycle of drugs and alcohol and eventually die like so many other ex-MTV stars.

Buckwild Was Doomed From The Start


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In 2013, MTV announced it’s latest reality series Buckwild. The show was intended to be a redneck version of Jersey Shore, however, the cast proved to be even wilder than the cast of Jersey Shore ever was. Before the show even aired, there was a problem surrounding a sex tape between two of the cast members.

Furthermore, a month after the premiere, one of the stars, Salwa Amin, was arrested during a drug raid in which numerous illegal substances were found. Not long after, another star Shain Gandee died, and MTV was forced to officially pull the plug on the entire series. This made J.P. Williams, the show’s producer infuriated with MTV, leading to even more problems.

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MTV Hires Bouncers To Play The Part


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In TV series that focus around drinking and partying, many of the “fights” or confrontations in public are scripted. So, MTV makes sure to talk to the owners of the bars and the bouncers and pay them to let them film a scene in their establishment.

They let the bouncers know exactly what is going to happen and hire them to make it look like they are kicking the actors out of the bar without being too tough with them. There’s a reason why the bouncers always show up at the perfect time and have no problem escorting the supposedly violent and drunk actor out of the bar.

MTV Went Behind The Jersey Shore Cast’s Back


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While the cast of Jersey Shore was filming in Italy for Season 4, MTV went behind their backs and made the decision to greenlight another season. Since the cast had no connection with the outside world, it was easy for MTV to make negotiations with their agents and lawyers without the cast ever finding out.

MTV did this because they assumed that if they told the cast before the deals had been made they would have rebelled against MTV for doing so without their permission. The cast was told about Season 5 just before MTV sent out a press release to announce it to the public.

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Lauren Conrad and Brody’s Relationship On The Hills Wasn’t Close To Being Real


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On the hit MTV series The Hills, apparently, the entire relationship between Lauren Conrad and Brody Jenner was a lie. While Conrad admits that she had a slight crush on Jenner, it wasn’t anything close to the relationship they were made to look like they had on screen.

On their personal relationship, Conrad notes that “He was my friend, but it always just felt forced” and even added that they “had zero chemistry.” To demonstrate how fake their romance truly was, in an unaired clip between Conrad and Jenner, after several takes, Conrad turns to the camera and says “Can we please be done? This is the most awkward thing ever.”

MTV Controlled The Cast Of The Real World By Docking Pay


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Anything that happens not in front of the camera on The Real World is considered to be a waste of time and money. So, it was crucial that the cast always let the producers know if they were going outside of the house, even for something as minuscule as going for a walk. They were required to give the producers notice every time before they went anywhere so the camera crew could follow them.

If they failed to let the producers know, MTV would fine the cast members up to $100 for breaking any of the rules established by the show. Considering that the actors only made $300 a week, losing $100 was a lot to the whole cast.

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Contestants On Room Raiders Didn’t Know What Show They Were Going To Be On


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Before shooting an episode of Room Raiders, MTV producers would select the contestants without actually letting them know what the show was about. This was before the days of social media and the speedy Internet, so it was easy to keep the concept of the show under wraps. All they would tell the teens is that they were chosen to be on an MTV show which was more than enough news for most of them.

When the camera crew came over to look at their room, they would also look all around their house and even their cars, so the contestants didn’t know that their rooms were being raided. The teens not knowing also made for better television because then the kids wouldn’t clean their rooms in preparation for the show.

Pimp My Ride Was The Opposite Of What The Show Promised


Back in the day, everyone wished that their car would get chosen to undergo the ultimate transformation at the West Coast Customs Auto Shop. Of course, as it turns out, many of these “lucky” winners would have been better off with the clunkers they were driving before coming onto the show.

Apparently, after transforming the car, almost all of the vehicles were less driveable than before, were illegal to drive on the street, or the majority of the flashy gadgets were utterly fake. In some cases, after the cameras shut off, they even took many of the added features off entirely, leaving the person with less of an actual car than they had before.

Cooperation On Catfish Wasn’t Always Guaranteed


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On the show Catfish, MTV and the show producers do their best to make sure that everything goes smoothly. Even though everyone involved in the show has to sign a waiver, giving MTV legal rights to film them, that doesn’t mean that they always cooperate. On numerous occasions, the MTV crews have shown up at the meet-up location only to discover that Catfish backed out, and the episode was canceled.

According to hosts Nev and Max, they “never know 100 percent for sure if the catfish is going to go through with this, even if they commit to filming. That’s why there is a lot of tension in those scenes when we pull up for the visit because we’re all waiting for the day when the catfish will not respond or change their mind.”

The Truth About Final Challenges On The Challenge


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On the show The Challenge, contestants compete against each other in a series of challenges for a cash prize at the end of the series. In an interview with The Challenge veteran Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio, he explains that the final challenges really aren’t that challenging after all. According to Devenanzio, the final challenges used to be much harder and they aren’t as hard as they’re made to look.

Another show veteran Cara Sorbello says that what makes them difficult is that they are filmed after eight weeks of being on set and the contestant’s diet and exercise routines have been majorly disrupted. She states that “We do not have the endurance and strength we came in with […] We are in the worst shape we could ever be in!”