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So Ugly...10 of the Tackiest Christmas Sweaters You'll Ever See

I guess it's time to accept that we all live in the day and age where ugly Christmas sweaters are socially acceptable again, but these…

Coachella Day 1: The Magic Music Kingdom

Well, kids, we are at Coachella, enjoying every moment in the hot desert sun! We have been dancing to live music, drinking tons of water and…
Sara Scoggs
Sara Scoggs Apr 21, 2012

Heart Of Glass. [Chapter Thirteen.]

Haven't updated this in a while . . . (:     "Veronica!" Derek exclaimed the next morning, face brightening as I turned towards him."Yes?" I yawned, keeping…

Behind This Mask. Oneshot.

It isn't exactly a collaboration, but Adam told me a lot of things to write to make it all the more better. I hope you…

2DAY! 9/27/10

so today was pretty good..... BUT.... I LEARNED 1 HORRIBLE HORRIBLE THING...... i have to sit next to 1 of my worst enimies. hes really…
Sn0bunni Sep 27, 2010


So this is my big awesome blog. I finally made one! Now I'll have a place to post all my pointless rants and crap. Yay! Nobody's…
xkeepquiet Apr 05, 2009

what happened??

thats pretty much the question ive been asking a lot lately...   this world is accelerating too much, but it's also going really slow for me...but i…
xunloveablex Feb 27, 2009


AHHHHHH as i said. I decided to go out and see my goat today. The next door neighbours dog keeps on getting into our yard…
pocopops Jan 11, 2007