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CB.TV Episode 13 - Bang!vid

CB.TV Episode 13 - Bang!

This episode of CB.TV is all about the U.S. album Bang! coming out digitally on August 25th. Get the inside scoop and hear what releasing…
CB.TV Episode 12 - Audio Commentvid

CB.TV Episode 12 - Audio Comment

Strify talks about his costume, the characters in the video, casting extras and what he considers a fun party!!
CB.TV Episode 11 - We Came 2 Party Part 2vid

CB.TV Episode 11 - We Came 2 Party (Part 2)

Yu explains some of his tattoos while he gets ready for the "I Came 2 Party" video shoot and Strify gives insight as to what…
CB.TV Episode 10 - We Came 2 Partyvid

CB.TV Episode 10 - We Came 2 Party

Go even deeper behind the scenes of the "I Came 2 Party" video shoot in an amazing Berlin mansion
CB.TV Episode 9 - Partytimevid

CB.TV Episode 9 - "Partytime"

Get a behind the scenes look of the "I Came 2 Party" video shoot! Strify and Space Cowboy also talk about working together on the…
CB.TV Episode 8 - In Responsevid

CB.TV Episode 8 - "In Response"

You asked the questions, now Strify answers them during the "I Came 2 Party" video shoot.
CB.TV Episode 2 - The Scenevid

CB.TV Episode 2 - "The Scene"

This episode features Kiro dicussing the worldwide "scene".
CB.TV Episode 1 - Comin' To Americavid

CB.TV Episode 1 - "Comin' To America"

Follow the guys to L.A. and check out some cool footage of one of their first U.S. shows at The Wiltern.
cinemabizarre Jul 09, 2009
CB.TV Episode 03 - The rhythm of drums is the rhythm of life!vid

CB.TV Episode 03 - “The rhythm of drums is the rhythm of life!”

Shin shares some stories about being a drummer and living on tour.
CB.TV Episode 4 - Guitar Herovid

CB.TV Episode 4 - "Guitar Hero"

In this episode follow Yu through a guitar store and find out what interests he has that fans may not expect from him. You'll also…
CB.TV Episode 5 - Keys Of Lifevid

CB.TV Episode 5 - "Keys Of Life"

In this episode learn more about the man behind the keys, Romeo, and find out what being a member of Cinema Bizarre means to him.
CB.TV Episode 6 - Style Is Warvid

CB.TV Episode 6 - "Style Is War"

Strify talks about his own style and evolving as musicians... you also get to check out some footage from the band's show in Chicago!
CB.TV Episode 7 - Design Studiesvid

CB.TV Episode 7 - "Design Studies"

Romeo and Yu meet with a clothing designer to talk fashion, tattoos, and get decked out in some custom made threads.
Cinema Bizarre interveiw with Jstarvid