Bangbangbangchile esta en Youtube.comvid

Bangbangbangchile esta en

Si se preguntan de como llego el vídeo a Youtube, no se hagan los chiflados porque.....¡Tenemos cuenta en Youtube!, esperemos que nos visiten de a…
bangbangbangchile Oct 22, 2011
New Hair :vid

New Hair :)

Date; 8/9/2010.This was actually taken yesterday, but I didn't get it up till today :) So, I dyed my hair everyone!!! It's now black, with…
2Pac - Until The End Of Timevid
The Jackson 5 Plus Janet on The Carol Burnet Showvid
The Jacksons - Michael Jackson - I Want to Back- Dancing Machine - Shake Your Body HQvid
Miles Davis John Coltrane - So What Live Videovid
Erick Sermon feat. Marvin Gaye - Musicvid
Listen Up - ERulevid
tfhodge Apr 17, 2010
Listen To My Demo - ERulevid

Check me out!!!!!

I'm sorry, I know I haven't been on Buzznet in a bit but I've been busy. School, drama, school, boys, and drama. Long story, I'll…
CoReZeit Jan 16, 2010
The Distillers - Abstract Plain - 929 Cafevid

The Distillers - Abstract Plain - 929 Cafe

taped by 2002
AllBabesRWolves Oct 25, 2009


Onision is hilarious and has very strong opinions, so I wouldn't recommend his YouTube videos to just anyone.  Some of my Favorites: "Chibi Eats Snow" - "Chibi Makes…
AllBabesRWolves Sep 06, 2009 - Brody Tony Interview in UK first show for Spinnerettevid
AllBabesRWolves Jun 08, 2009 new profile

Well I made a all new layout. Not at all srure if im going to keep it, because ive been finding myself less and less…
gerardogenocide Oct 30, 2008

sat august 2nd.

ok so we just got back like a hour ago from savannah we went to see my uncle and it was fun but im glad…
destineydisaster Aug 02, 2008