The Initiatives of Social Justice by the Jewish Community

To keep and spread Jewish culture and identity, different groups are emerging that deal with the issues of the Jewish culture and society. As it…
bellyjhonson Dec 21, 2014

Enjoy Israel Gap Year and help the society

In our life span teenage is the most precious phase. During this phase we can do lots of work. This is the best phase where…
bellyjhonson Nov 27, 2014

Jewish teens volunteer and their work

Teenage is the most precious phase within our life where we can do lots of work. This is the time when the social values enhance within…
bellyjhonson Nov 06, 2014

Embrace your passion in America

We all like to get hold of our passion of traveling through the America. The passion of traveling is not only to encourage your lifestyle…
bellyjhonson Oct 27, 2014