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My Favorite Discoveries of 2012

I’ve been going through all of my posts from this past year and I can’t believe how many bands I’ve featured! Some I’ve known forever while others I blog about the second I’m hooked. Here are my favorite musical discoveries of 2012 along with two other very important things. 😉 What are your favorites? Also… More »

30 Ways To Stay Creative

Everybody has the power to be creative. Sometimes we hit a bump in the road and we can’t seem to figure out how to stay on the right track. It’s ok to zone out a little bit sometimes. Turns out it might be just what we need to let that creative energy flow. When things… More »

Is Justin Bieber Writing Songs For Selena Gomez And The Scene?

Selena Gomez is working on a new album but thats not the only news! Selena has employed Justin Bieber to write songs for her fourth album. Will.i.am had confirmed that Justin…

30 Things I Think Are Beautiful

As most of you can tell by my last few blogs, I am hibernating inside my house, writing, drinking tea and wishing everything was the same, and that everything was different. I just need to surround myself with love, and beauty. Here are 30 things I think are beyond lovely. xx! ps. make sure to… More »

Adele Taking Time to Experience Life Before Releasing New Music

The golden girl of the year Adele has revealed she is working on new music and is waiting for life to inspire her new record. The 23-year-old singer called into a <a href="http://www.nrj.fr/adele-4095/"…

An EXCLUSIVE Look Inside My Journal

It’s the end of the month, a shiny new month is right around the corner. I’ve been reflecting and writing a ton and doing some cleaning too. While I was cleaning out my book shelf I found my stack of old journals. I have a bunch. I work journals a little differently than a normal… More »

Patrick Stump In The Studio With The King Blues

Wondering what Patrick Stump is doing with his time now that he’s not tweeting? Well, it appears that he’s been writing songs with The King Blues (and growing a beard).


The Poetry Project

Verses Poetry is an app that allows you to create poetry on your Apple mobile device and share your work with the world. I’m looking to create 100 short pieces using the app. Why? I dunno, why not?

Author Anne McCaffrey Passes Away at 85

Sad news for the literary world today.  Anne McCaffrey, author of an incredible number of Science Fiction and Fantasy novels, has passed away at age 85.

McCaffrey was best known…

We Are Already Infected

You have to face
the awful truth:
one day
the shambling
zombie hordes will
descend upon us
ripping your friends
and family
limb from limb
or worse,
infecting them with the
zombie virus